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Pink Shirt Day 2017

#Didyouknow Pink Shirt Day always falls on the last Wednesday in February, meaning Pink”,


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The origin of anti bullying \”Pink Shirt Day\” February 26th in Canada.

Pink Shirt Day 2018

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The two Grade 12 students show off the pink shirts they wore to school. ((CBC))


Do know the origin of pink shirt day ? Let’s stand together against bullying #PinkShirtDay

Pink Shirt Day

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Be kind whenever possible, not just on #Pinkshirtday, but every day of the


Pink Shirt Day 2017

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Phyllis Jack Webstad’s story of her first day at residential school in William’s Lake, B.C., is the inspiration behind Orange Shirt Day.

What Is Orange Shirt Day? Annual Event Inspired By A Girl Who Couldn’t Wear Hers | HuffPost Canada